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The Artist 

Mahkai Dominique is a self taught artist from Washington DC and PG County MD. Her passion for painting started at the early age of 5 and it later became a therapeutic coping activity. During high school Mahkai started to doodle faces on her school work to pass time, which carried into her undergrad career. Her peers and family saw potential in her artistry and encouraged her to explore, now called Feechurs, in all mediums besides pencil and paper. 

Having the love for painting, Mahkai's imagination lead her to creating line art that is abstract, bold, with geometric elements. She began to push her own limits. Feechurs became more than bold lines. It now expresses mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

"Feechurs" represents you, me, and everyone around us. We all have eyes, a nose, mouth, and ears. No matter your background, race, culture, or religion, we are all one and the same. Every piece has a story and I wanted to capture what we all feel with something we all have in common. 

-Mahkai Dominique

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